Traveling is like meditation; it gives you a much-needed break from the day-to-day stressful life. Packing your bags for a wanderlust trip is always exciting. But if not prepared well before starting your journey, it may result in an agonizing experience. No one wants their vacation to go down the rolling hill. Thus, to make your trip go smooth, memorable, and enjoyable, here are 10 Travel Hacks for a convenient & hassle-free experience.

  1. Roll clothes to make extra room

While packing, managing space is a big problem. You want to sneak in your stuff all in, but you are never able to do. The best hack here is to roll all your clothes and arrange them separately. It avoids the creases on clothes and ensures extra space as well.

  1. Carry fewer toiletries

To take care of your daily hygiene, you only need half a set of toiletries. It is because the hotels you stay in have the necessary supplies. Plus, you don’t want to bulk up your baggage. Just pack enough to buy small bottles when the desired item is required.

  1. Say no to bulky clothes

Bulky clothes are a big no to carry. They are heavy, take most of the area, and leave no room for other stuff to accommodate. Also, traveling to a new place involves shopping. When you buy items, you need extra baggage space to bring them back.

  1. Take screenshots of payment confirmations

Losing an internet connection in certain places is inevitable. Screenshots of payments and booking confirmations will help you in many troublesome situations when asked upon. It’s the digital age we live in and has made things much easier for everyone. You don’t need to carry paper prints all the time.

  1. Scan essential personal documents

It is always better to scan your essential personal documents and email them to yourself. Also, you can email those to your family member in case you lose any. You can ask them to get out of the identification or ID-related issues.

  1. Get an extension power strip

While traveling, you need your electrical gadgets to charge when required. Hotels have a limited amount of charging points and peripherals. An extension power strip comes in very handy in such circumstances where you do not have to wait for your turn to come.

  1. Carry powdered washing detergent

In Long vacations, you need your undergarments, socks, and handkerchief to be clean and fresh. A powdered washing detergent is a must carry. It is often unknown when you will get the chance to wash them on your trip. Travel can be hectic, so you need to be always prepared.

  1. Avoid carrying any leaky stuff

Avoid carrying materials that contain liquids. They can get leaked at any time due to unknown reasons. That may create a mess in the baggage and ruin the whole experience that you don’t want.

  1. Keep your money spread in spaces

Keep your money in different parts of your carry bags and jackets with secret pockets. If by any chance some get stolen, that will prepare you with some extra saved money at your hand. Be sure to remember the location of the emergency cash stored so that you can find it when required.

  1. Mark fragile on your baggage

It is a great travel hack to safeguard your baggage from any damage. Most of the time,  officials at airlines do not carry them well during air travel. A fragile sticker makes sure that they are handled with extra care while placing them in the storage compartments of the plane.