The Best Cheapest Countries to Travel in Europe

Do you believe Europe is an expensive region to visit? Then, reconsider!
While Western Europe and the Nordic nations are pricey, there are numerous areas in Europe where budget travel is considerably more straightforward.

What’s the catch? There isn’t any catch. However, some of these locations may not yet be well-known to tourists. Albania, for example, receives far fewer visitors than Italy, but believe us when we say that it is a fantastic and inexpensive European destination!

Depending on your travel style, the following places will allow you to travel for less than $70 (€60) or even $50 (€40) per person each day.


You’re undoubtedly wondering how Greece got on this list in the first place.

Popular tourist destinations like Santorini, Rhodes, and Mykonos are expensive. For example, even a hostel dorm bed in Santorini may cost upwards of $90 or €75 during high season!

However, Greece has numerous beautiful cities and islands you can explore without breaking the budget. For example, spend a few nights on the beautiful island of Tinos instead of going to Mykonos, where you’ll find marble towns, terraced slopes, magnificent beaches, and great hotel bargains. Lefkada also has a variety of inexpensive hotels, informal tavernas, and tourist attractions. There are plenty of such instances.

If you bypass the busy month of August, Greece becomes significantly more affordable. Airbnbs that cost 60-90 Euros per night in August will quickly drop to €30-40 in September. Greece isn’t only about the islands, though. Greece’s mainland has a wealth of cultural and historical attractions without the exorbitant fees associated with package vacation destinations. You might be amazed at how affordable Greece can be.


Albania is a well-kept secret – and one of the most affordable European destinations!

Are you looking for a pristine Mediterranean beach? For the time being, Albania has plenty of these. Meanwhile, Albania’s most enormous mountain range, the majestic Accursed Mountains, is becoming a popular hiking and climbing destination. In addition, because of their Ottoman origins and UNESCO World Heritage status, the charming cities of Gjirokastr and Berat are cultural attractions.

The price? To give you an idea, a bunk bed at a contemporary hostel in Tirana costs about $8 per night, whereas a hotel room costs $15-$20. A typical Albanian restaurant may have dinner for as low as $5. Expect to pay little more than $12 for an appetizer, entrée, wine, and dessert, even in tourist establishments. These rates align with some of Asia’s budget travel favorites more with the rest of Europe.

Albania is a highly safe country despite its status as a developing country. Its infrastructure has also improved, making travel much simpler now. So visit before the word spreads!


Romania will wow you with magnificent castles, colorful medieval towns, and beautiful landscapes with primitive woods. It’s also one of Europe’s most affordable places to visit.

Its Transylvania area is filled with magnificent Medieval villages and is connected with the famous Count Dracula. However, few people know Romania also offers almost 20 Black Sea beach resorts. The beaches are fantastic, and a week or two in Romanian sunlight is quite affordable.

Both lodging and meals are inexpensive. Many eateries offer $4 lunch specials. In Romania, hog dishes, stews, sausages, and cabbage rolls are all popular and delicious. Are you looking for somewhere to stay? Hostels will set you back approximately $10 per night, while lovely Airbnbs and budget hotels will set you back around $25-30 per night.


Portugal has risen to prominence recently due to beautiful surfing beaches, charming ancient villages with tiled roofs, delectable pastries such as pasteis de nata, and melancholy Fado music.

While costs in urban Lisbon and Porto have grown in recent years, Portugal as a country remains relatively affordable.

In Lisbon or Porto, expect to pay around €15 per night for a hostel and €30–40 for a budget hotel. In the capital, meals may cost between €10 and €15. However, suppose you tour the magnificent countryside and Atlantic coastline or go to Coimbra, Portugal’s third-largest city, where J.K. Rowling conjured the Harry Potter series. In that case, you’ll find substantially lower pricing. May find Set dinners (pratos do dia) for as low as €6 in the Portuguese interior.


Consider Estonia, a Baltic country, as a budget-friendly version of Scandinavia.

With its great pine woods and peatlands, its scenery is evocative of Finland, and its residents are similarly enamored of saunas and cross-country skiing. But, of course, Estonia has its distinct personality, blending Nordic influences with Baltic culture and remnants of previous Soviet architecture. So don’t miss Tallinn’s fascinating KGB Museum, trekking in the Soomaa National Park, or staying in Tartu, Estonia’s university city.

Tallinn’s tourist core is relatively pricey, approaching Western European rates, albeit this is only true for a tiny 2 square kilometer region where cruise ship passengers visit. However, the remainder of Estonia is surprisingly inexpensive, with $10 hostels, $20-30 motels, and $5-10 meals readily available.


So, how much do you know about Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Do not be ashamed. Many individuals may have little knowledge of this nation or only relate it to the turmoil in the 1990s.

However, this Balkan country is a true treasure. This real place will pique your interest if you’re a keen visitor.

The Medieval town of Mostar, formerly a vital halt on the Silk Road commercial routes between Venice and Constantinople, is one of the highlights. Another unexpected gem is Sarajevo, the capital, which, despite its modest size, is one of Europe’s most underappreciated cities. Sarajevo offers incredible warmth and spirit because of its exciting combination of Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman traditions.

Prices are also relatively inexpensive, with economy rooms costing no more than €20 per night and meals costing between €5 and €8.

Due to its closeness, Bosnia might be an appealing add-on to a more expensive vacation to Croatia.


North Macedonia
North Macedonia is a fantastic place for a budget-friendly trip thanks to its beautiful meals, vibrant culture, and charming tiny villages. Skopje, the capital city, is home to several monuments, museums, and other cultural attractions. One of Europe’s oldest and deepest lakes, the gorgeous Ohrid Lake is a favored visit. There are several churches worth visiting in Ohrid, and the local cuisine is fantastic and inexpensive ($4-$6 for a restaurant dinner). Marko’s Towers in Prilep and the charming village of Bitola are two more significant attraction locations.

Buses connecting cities are abundant and inexpensive. A return bus ticket from Skopje to Ohrid, for example, costs $13 and takes around 3 hours. In terms of lodging, an apartment in the heart of Skopje will set you back $25 per night. Rooms and flats in Ohrid cost between $15 and $30 per night. Pita (filled pie), sarma (cabbage rolls), tavce na gravce (beans cooked in a pan), and Pastrmajlija are only a few of the traditional Macedonian dishes (fried dough pie).


Montenegro offers plenty to keep visitors occupied for at least a few days despite its tiny size. This city has several methods to save money, ranging from free admission to most attractions to inexpensive flats and hotels along the beautiful Adriatic coast.

Begin by visiting the Bay of Kotor. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most beautiful spots on the Balkan Peninsula, with deep blue seas surrounded by high mountains. Next, make your way to the coastal city of Budva, which never sleeps, if you enjoy partying. Finally, consider spending a few nights in the picturesque town of Herceg Novi if you’re searching for a pleasant and economical holiday.

Even during high season, you can find fantastic locations to stay for approximately $30 per night. For example, dinner at a restaurant will cost you $6 and $12, while a beer bottle in a pub will cost you $3.

Pljeskavica (the Balkan equivalent of a burger), cured meats like prsuto, seafood spaghetti with mussels, prawns, and shrimp cooked in a delectable red sauce, and black risotto made from cuttlefish ink are also local delights to try.


Poland is a terrific budget-friendly Central European location. Cities like Kraków and Gdansk have a rich history, plenty of beautiful parks, and delicious local cuisine to sample. Poland’s national parks, such as Ojcowski National Park (near Krakow), are also well-known, with magnificent castles and caverns. Visit Gdansk’s ancient town and local markets, trek in the Tatra Mountains, or travel to Warsaw’s capital, where you’ll discover a plethora of hostels and budget-friendly hostels with rooms starting at $15 per night.

We suggest Walkative if you want to visit Polish cities with an expert guide but don’t want to overpay for the tours. All major towns provide free excursions, including Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Poznan, and Lublin. Just remember to tip your tour guide after the expedition.

A Bary mleczne is the cheapest alternative (milk bar) for eating out. These establishments are often significantly less expensive than traditional eateries, and they attract a large number of students and residents. In addition, a Bary mleczny is where to go if you’re seeking handmade Polish cuisine. Are you unsure what to order? Try a bowl of pierogi, one of the delicious Polish soups, or a slice of Szarlotka (Polish apple pie).


Bulgaria is a lovely country in Eastern Europe with a rich history, stunning architecture, and delectable cuisine. The city of Plovdiv is an excellent site to begin your journey. There are many free things to do while visiting this exciting city, from exploring the cobblestone alleys of the Old Town and learning about the city’s Roman origins to taking a stroll through the magnificent Tsar Simeon’s garden.

Bulgaria, however, is more than just cities. Consider the Seven Rila Lakes and the charming mountain hotels where you may stay for only $15 per night. There’s also Bansko, a mountain village that’s one of Europe’s cheapest ski resorts. If you’re coming during the summer, head to the beaches of Sunny Beach, Varna, and Nessebar to experience the Black Sea’s deep waters.

Train tickets in Bulgaria are inexpensive: a four-hour ride can be had for as low as $5. A beer bottle in a bar will set you back $2.50, while dinner in a quality restaurant would set you back roughly $7. Regarding lodging, a bed at a hostel costs around $8 per night. At the same time, a room in a 3-star hotel costs around $12-$15 per night.