Traveling in India is all about discovering the many different aspects of Indian culture as well as their delicious delicacies. Out here, there’s something for everyone! Through these delectable tours, learn about the food history and culinary secrets of these metropolises. Tantalizing fragrances waft from street kiosks in India’s enormous towns, where marketplaces are a world unto themselves, and recipes are passed down through the centuries. Through these delightful excursions, learn about the gastronomic history and culinary secrets of these places.

The city of Amritsar, in Punjab, is a great place to enjoy the region’s delicious food. To get the most out of your experience, it can be helpful to have a guide. Food Trails India offers tours through the city’s Old City, where you can try some of the best lassis, kulchas, fish dishes, and kebabs. You’ll also get to eat at the Golden Temple’s langar.

Old Delhi is a maze of streets that show the city’s diverse culture. India City Walks’ food tour includes a breakfast of champions with slow-cooked nihari or meat and bone marrow stew or a delicious bedmi puri with aloo sabzi. On the night tour, visitors can enjoy Jama Masjid’s many meaty dishes while vegetarians can try different types of paratha at Paranthewali Galli.

The cuisine of Jaipur is a reflection of the desert region’s produce. Some are simple chaats, while others are sophisticated dishes based on royal culinary recipes. Try Dahi kachori, ker sangri, a traditional bean and sour berry concoction, and spicy laal maas, a mutton curry, on a trip to the Old City. Sweet, delicious ghewar, a deep-fried flour disc coated in sugar syrup, can calm your blazing taste receptors.

Varanasi’s ghats are dominated by religion, while its streets are ruled by cuisine. Enjoy the famed tamatar chaat and chilly thandai near the temples while strolling around the city’s ancient alleys. Hundreds of plates of crispy kachoris are served every minute, so get in line now. Sweets like the scrumptious malai chhenna roll can be used to wash it down. Malaiyo, a seasonal delicacy made from milk froth and dewdrops, arrives in the winter.

One of the numerous food-related anecdotes in Lucknow is that of the one-armed kebabchi and his melt-in-your-mouth meaty concoctions. This folklore is essential to fully appreciate the city’s Awadhi cuisine. Tornos will take you on a gastronomic tour of the lively Chowk neighborhood. Tundey Mian’s exquisite kebabs, Mubeen’s scrumptious pasanda, and sheermal, creamy fruit kulfi, and Lucknowi paan are all on the menu.

Kolkata’s cuisine is a fusion of international and regional flavors. And nowhere is this more evident than on the streets of the city. Calcutta Walks conducts the New Market and Around tour, which includes historic restaurants in this central Kolkata neighborhood and has a variety of cuisines. Participants may enjoy a wide range of dishes, including delicious sweets from a Jewish bakery, Raj-era kobiraji cutlets, old-world Mughlai cabin kormas, and Kathi rolls.