“Travel far enough to meet yourself at the horizon!”

Remember to cover the earth before it covers you!

After all, life is meant to be enjoyed to its fullest!

If you’re planning to go on a short road trip near Kolkata, you’re at the right place because I’m going to help you out with your short vacation!

Mandarmani beach


  • MANDARMANI – Mandarmani should be the first place in your mind if you’re a beach lover. Activities like Paragliding and ATV Rides; water rides like jet skiing, banana boat, speed boating, etc. make it all the more exciting! The best part is that when you leave your resort you’ll be standing just 5-feet apart from these sports!

Suncity Rosevalley is one of the premium resorts near the shore. Within the resort itself, you’ll get activities like ropeway, waterpark, swimming, toy train, games room, playfield and so much more!

Take a break from your busy, monotonous life and enjoy a 2-day weekend at Mandarmani within just Rs.5000 with your loved one even if you decide to stay at Rose Valley! Yes! That’s how low-cost it can be.

The laid-back lifestyle, the secluded beaches, tranquillity, beautiful resorts, water rides, etc. make it a part of the must-visit list if you happen to be near Kolkata. It’s serene!

Add it to your bucket list already!

Distance from Kolkata: 170 kilometers




  • SUNDARBANS – “Go into the forest to lose your mind and find your soul because the clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness!”

If you’re a nature freak and if you haven’t yet been to Sundarbans you’re definitely missing out on something big in life! Home to one of India’s most iconic wildlife species – the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Sundarbans is a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site. Spread over 14,000 hectares acres of land, it houses the largest mangrove forests. Since no construction is allowed here, you can experience natural bliss kiss you with every breath you take. You’ll experience surreal sights of dolphins, bird watching, night safari, wildlife through forest expedition, etc.

“There is no wifi in the forest but you’ll definitely find a different connection!”

Distance from Kolkata: 98 kilometers




  • RAICHAK – Situated on the outskirts of Kolkata, Raichak is a splendid holiday spot that provides more than just its amazing riverside picturesque views. The refreshing scenic beauty and tranquillity along with the spectacular sunsets will give you enough memories on your vacation to be cherished lifelong. No vacation in Raichak is complete without a ride on the river cruise. Also, for all adventurous people, there’s a lot more than what you can anticipate. You can take a Raichak Jetty or the Nurpur Jetty and visit Kukrahati in the East Midnapore district through a ferry. The breathtaking beauty will definitely leave behind a lasting memory in your mind. Surfing, waterskiing, and boating are some of the must-do activities. Also since it’s not far away from Kolkata people can go and come back within the same day. Perfect for a fun-filled 1-2 days short vacation!

           Distance from Kolkata: 53 kilometers




  • SHANTINIKETAN – Another UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Shantiniketan is famous because it was the home of the great Rabindranath Tagore and over the years it has evolved as a major tourist hub for those looking for a break from the noise of the city. People mainly come here to just relax, read or visit some sites such as Rabindra Bhavana Museum, Upasana Ghar, Tagore’s Ashram, and Khoai Mela. It is also popularly known as University Town because of its orientation towards universities. It is in the center of the cultural heritage of India. Shantiniketanacts as a major representation of Rabindranath Tagore’s life, philosophy, and his legendary masterpieces, thereby continuing his model legacy. A historian or somebody who’s interested in India’s rich culture should definitely visit Shantiniketan to know more!

         Distance from Kolkata: 62 kilometers


vedic village


  • VEDIC VILLAGE – Situated in the lap of nature and built horizontally in the authentic architecture of Bengal villages, the top-class premium resort blends in completely with the uniqueness of the landscape. It brings together natural beauty and outdoor fun with indoor luxury. It doesn’t get better for your short vacation! Spread over 150 acres of fertile farmland and sparkling lakes; it is like heaven on earth for migratory birds, butterflies, squirrels, and exotic species of plants. For stress busters, Vedic Village offers you a plethora of options like Kayak, Water Roller, Archery, swimming, snooker, sports, cycling, river crossing etc. It is one of the best places to visit if you are planning to go on a road trip or a short vacation with your pals!

The perfect spot for rejuvenating getaways, family stay-cations, and destination weddings!

          Distance from Kolkata– 27 Kilometers


So explore unexplored places to pump your adrenaline!

           “We have all got wings,

           All we gotta do is FLY!”